May 022013

beet juiceT minus 3!

It’s Friday morning and the New Jersey Marathon is Sunday… I should be crossing the start line almost exactly 73 hours from now. I’m feeling pretty good – dealing with a few taper nerves and just general excitement. After my highest mileage weeks a couple of weeks ago both Achilles tendons were feeling tight and a little sore but they have both bounced back with the reduced load.

My pre-run weight is flirting with the 155 lb. mark. While I wish it was a few pounds lower I am grateful to be making at least slow progress on that front. Weather looks good for the weekend – about 50 degrees at race time, low wind, partly sunny… can’t ask for much better.

I’m going to do 4 easy today, probably take tomorrow off then a mile or two jog on Saturday. Tomorrow night I plan to enjoy an nice carb-rich dinner. Saturday morning we’ll drive down to New Jersey.

My  strength is the Lord but I am experimenting with beet juice – supposed to help the oxygen uptake. I ordered some through the local health food store and have started drinking it the last couple of days – kinda gives you the shivers but what won’t we runners do for a little extra speed and strength? The juice is VERY purple, powerfully so. Powerful enough to turn everything violet if you know what I mean. :-)

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  1. hey john – all the best in jersey! i’m running a marathon this sunday as well (mississauga, ontario, canada), and this is my first trial with beet juice. i’m using the the dried crystal mix, and started taking it this past sunday twice a day – found that it goes down really well with apple juice or minute maid fruit punch.

    looking forward to your follow-up on whether or not you think it made a difference!

    • Hey Patrick,
      Thanks! I’m mixing with other juice as well – definitely helps.
      I’ll let you know if I think it helps Please let me know your experience as well.
      May the wind be at your back Sunday.

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