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I continued to run every week following the visit by my son and daughter-in-law in July of 2009. Most of the runs were 3 or 4 miles. Later in the Fall I did a few 5 milers, a couple 6’s and on one crazy afternoon at the end of November I covered 8 miles. As I grew slightly sleeker the miles passed a little easier and faster. My log shows my average pace at those distances descending through 10 minutes into the mid 9’s.

scaleBy the beginning of 2010 the running was having a noticable effect – I was back into a 36″ waist. I started weighing myself after my runs. (I realize this is cheating in a way – the water loss makes you appear to weight less but hey, when you are starting out you need all the encouragement you can get.) The first weight I have listed in my log is January 11, 2010. Linda had picked up one of those cool Weight Watcher style scales that gives a digital readout of your weight, body fat percentage, bone density, water percentage, and body mass index by sending very low voltage through your lower extremities when you stand on the scale. I realize the accuracy is suspect in some of those areas but at least it gave me something to work with. The digital numbers for my weight on the nifty little scale that cold day in January staring up at me were 177.0. I was encouraged. Actually I was elated! Under 180 – Alright! I didn’t pay much attention to the other metrics at that point although I now tracking my body fat percentage also.

I started to weigh myself regularly now that I had a scale and could see that I was making progress. I also began to do some crunches (some push-ups too). After all everybody knows crunches are how you lose that stomach, right? (heh heh). By the first week of March the scale read 171.0. Then disaster struck…

It was Friday night March 12 at the youth meeting we do on Friday nights. That afternoon I had run 3 miles at an 8:39 clip – not blazing speed but a long way from where I had started. I had registered for the La Jolla Half Marathon near San Diego, CA. Rachel and I were planning to run it together on April 25 when we were flying out to visit them. But everything changed that evening at the Youth meeting. Somehow as I was emceeing the meeting my feet got tangled up and I fell, crashing to the concrete floor. All my weight came down on my left hip – on that round protruding portion of bone at the top of your thigh (It’s called the greater trochanter).  The pain was excruciating. Nausea threatened to overcome me as I lay stunned on the floor. People helped me to my feet and I limped to a safe spot to watch the rest of the meeting.

The next morning I could barely walk… A visit to the doctor confirmed my self diagnosis via WebMD that I had suffered a hip pointer – an injury affecting many of the muscles in the hip, pelvis, and leg that pass over or connect at the top of the femur. To make a long story short it was 9 weeks before I could even jog let alone run. It was disappointing when I stepped on the scale after I could finally run slowly on May 17 and saw that the scale read 175.5. My running pace also took a real hit – bummer!

I missed the La Jolla Half of course. Nevertheless I had discovered the motivational power of being registered for a race. This little secret has helped fuel my weight loss over the last 3 years.

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