Jan 052013

Training for my second attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon at the age of 63 has begun. I have had three months to consider my previous effort, the mistakes I made and why I fell short by 53 seconds. After thinking, agonizing, and yes praying over the situation I have developed a plan which I believe will improve my performance and help me achieve my goal.

Some might ask if I am obsessed with the effort. I am not. I simply have found the joy of running and the fun of competing as I am able. I continue to be grateful to the Lord for allowing me to be fit and active at my age. Some have said I am stubborn – I prefer to think of it as perserverance. :-)

Plan B involves a fairly comprehensive evaluation of my training plan including nutrition, core and strength exercises, a careful selection of my next race and my fueling strategy for the race. My next post will deal with the details of these factors.

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